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Create a set of custom Heading styles without deriving them from built-in styles [Solved]

Create a set of custom Heading styles without deriving them from built-in styles


I have created some Custom Heading styles in a new document that I would also like to apply to another existing document and possibly multiple others.
I am trying to produce some styles that need to be used in old documents, which have been written by different
authors, with different tastes and MS Word competence levels, and the new styles need to be indentical in each document.

My Custom Heading 1,2,3,X styles are all derived from (based on) the built-in Heading 1,2,3,X styles.
This is because I have to use both in the documents and they need to be included at the same level in the Navigation Pane and in the Contents table.

The problem that I am having is that the built-in Heading 1,2,3,X styles are styled differently from document to document, with different fonts, sizes and so on.
This means that when I copy some text with the Custom Headings over to an existing document, the
Custom Headings' appearance is not consistent accross both documents.

For example (and you can try this):
Document 1

Heading 1 - Cambria, 14, Bold, 'Blue, Accent 1 Darker 25%'Custom Heading 1 - Cambria, 14, Not Bold, 'Blue, Accent 1 Darker 25%'
Document 2

Heading 1 - Verdana, 24, Bold, Underlined, Black
If I copy some text styled with Custom Heading 1 over to Document 2, it produces the following for Custom Heading 1:

Custom Heading 1 - Cambria, 14, Not Bold, Underlined, Black
So the 'Cambria', '14', and 'not bold' are carried over from Document 1 whereas 'underlined' and 'black' is inherited from Document 2's Heading 1 style.

Given that I want to apply the style without having to modify it, and I can't modify the existing styles, is there a way of creating a Heading style, that will appear in the Navigation Pane and in the Contents that does not inherit from existing built-in
Heading styles? What makes a Heading style, a Heading style?



Solutions to the Problem Create a set of custom Heading styles without deriving them from built-in styles

Download Error Fixer (Free)

what you are seeing is normal Word behavior.  Styles inherit settings from their parent style.
This is a convenience in many cases.
But you'll want to avoid it.  Base your custom heading styles on
no style.  Add the appropriate paragraph outline level to the  style settings.   The navigation pane, the outline view, and the default TOC code  all look for paragraph outline levels.

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Recommended Method to Repair the Problem: Create a set of custom Heading styles without deriving them from built-in styles:

How to Fix Create a set of custom Heading styles without deriving them from built-in styles with SmartPCFixer?

1. Download Error Fixer. Install it on your computer.

2. After the scan is done, you can see the errors and problems which need to be repaired.

3. When the Fixing part is done, your computer has been speeded up and the errors have been removed

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