Friday, 7 October 2016

Tech Support: Embarrased to be asking for help - MS Vista-64 Games Missing

Embarrased to be asking for help - MS Vista-64 Games Missing

Hi,  I need to restore, if possible, all of the games that came with MS Vista Home Premium-64Bit.  I think my kids completely erased them ( including from the Recycle Bin ).  Windows Vista was installed on my new Sony Vaio LapTop, so I don't have a set
of the Vista disks.  I did make a backup of my system, but I really don't want to use those disk and restore my computer back to its original form as I have spent WAY too much time adding new programs and customizing the laptop.

Is there a way I can just install the all of the Games that came with the LapTop when I purchased it ?  Thanks in advance,  Chris

Anwsers to the Problem Embarrased to be asking for help - MS Vista-64 Games Missing

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Do you have a HP Games folder (or WildTangent folder), probably in one of the Program Files folders. on your machine or has that gone too.  If you still have it (or similar named folder) maybe you can recreate the Shortcuts, if it was just shortcuts which
got removed?

As far as know Hp Games are tied up with WildTangent.

Did HP supply working games or just download links or trials?

I assume you are talking about the HP games and not the Vista games such as Solitaire etc?

Boot in Safe Mode:

  • Open Run command as previously described
  • Type MSConfig
  • Click on Boot tab
  • Tick Safe boot in Boot option
  • Select Network
  • Click Apply and OK
  • Reboot your system

Your system will boot in Safe mode with Networking. You may now try and open Windows Store and should not see any errors.

Another Safe way to Fix the Problem: Embarrased to be asking for help - MS Vista-64 Games Missing:

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